Aloha, Tea Lovers! Dive into Paradise with Bike Path Co.'s Falling Pua Jasmine Blossom Tea!

Aloha, Tea Lovers! Dive into Paradise with Bike Path Co.'s Falling Pua Jasmine Blossom Tea!

Hey there, tea enthusiasts! Have you ever dreamed of sipping pure bliss? Well, your dreams just got a whole lot tastier because Bike Path Co. is here to whisk you away to the tropical paradise of Hawaii with our newest creation – The Falling Pua Jasmine Blossom Tea! Get ready to embark on a flavorful adventure that's as vibrant as the Hawaiian sunset and as soothing as a gentle island breeze.

Sip, Sip, Hooray: The Taste of Paradise in Every Cup!

Picture yourself on a sandy Hawaiian beach, the sun setting in the distance, and a cup of Falling Pua Jasmine Blossom Tea in your hands. That's the magic we've bottled up! This delightful blend of freshly plucked jasmine flowers and playful green tea leaves is like a luau for your taste buds. With every sip, you'll be swept off your feet and transported straight to the heart of the Hawaiian islands.

Cheers to Tranquili-TEA: Unwind the Hawaiian Way!

In Hawaii, we know the importance of taking it easy and enjoying life's simple pleasures. That's why our Falling Pua Tea isn't just a drink; it's an experience. Take a moment for yourself, let the jasmine-infused aroma fill the air, and feel the stress melt away. This tea isn't just a beverage; it's a mini-vacation in a cup – your ticket to serenity, one sip at a time.

Hawaii in a Cup: Where Flavor Meets Fun!

What sets our Falling Pua Jasmine Blossom Tea apart? It's not just the heavenly taste; it's the aloha spirit we infuse into every leaf. Handpicked and expertly blended, this tea embodies the essence of our beautiful islands. It's a luau for your senses, a tropical party for your taste buds – and you're invited!

Brew-tiful Creations: Make Your Own Hawaiian Tea Party!

Creating your Hawaiian tea experience is as easy as saying "Aloha!" Use our suggested brewing guidelines: 1 teaspoon of tea per 8 ounces of water, steeped for 3-4 minutes. But remember, there are no strict rules here – it's all about brewing up your own paradise. Add a splash of coconut milk for that creamy Hawaiian touch or a slice of pineapple for an extra burst of sweetness. Let your creativity flow as you concoct your own tropical tea masterpiece!


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